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Hey Mama!

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Hey Mama will help you increase energy and balance hormones. This program is designed for the unique needs of pregnancy and motherhood.

We take care of fueling your busy days so you have more time to take care of yourself and your little ones.

    Program Length
    Program Type
    Restrictions +3€ a day (allergies or dislikes)

    What's Included

    * Breakfast: Paleo pastries & toasts
    * Anytime shake: Energizing, protein rich smoothies
    * Lunch & Dinner: Delicious, and filling meals, loaded with lean protein and a variety of vegetables
    * Extra grain: a delicious side of healthy whole grains to accompany your meals
    * Energizing mood balancing snacks
    * Hydrators: juices & tonics that will keep you hydrated and energized
    * Personal concierge available throughout your program

    Nutritional info

    Refined sugar, gluten and dairy Free.
    Enjoy nutritionist crafted meals designed to support your physical recovery, boost your energy, and improve mood.
    Using centuries old traditions and rituals to allow women the time to heal, recover and better care for themselves and their children. Whether you recently gave birth or have had trouble prioritizing your wellness since becoming a mother, this program is designed for you.

    Why You'll Love it

    Boost Mood, Balance Hormones, Increase Energy

    Delivery Info

    All programs start on Mondays. You will select your preferred program start date during the checkout process. Your delivery date will be the Sunday evening closest to your program start date to ensure you receive your meals on time. 5-day programs receive a secondary delivery date on Wednesday evening to ensure your meals are always fresh & delicious. Programs purchased after 5AM CET on Fridays are not eligible for delivery until the beginning of the following week.

    (Re) Activate Your Energy

    The ingredients for Hey Mama have been meticulously chosen to work in synergy with your unique body. Nutrient-dense superfoods, balancing adaptogens, and plants prized as ancient healers all combine to help boost energy and balance hormones. This program delivers total results.