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      Blood Sugar Balancing

      When you consume sugar, refined carbohydrates and alcohol, your blood sugar levels quickly peak and crash just as hard, leaving you tired, irritable and craving more foods that will increase your blood sugar levels. This becomes especially problematic when you start the day with high glycemic foods like pastries and bread, as it sets you on a blood sugar roller coaster that can affect your energy levels and food choices throughout the day (sorry pain au chocolat, we still love you, just not every morning). 

      Fluctuations in blood sugar levels is one reason why sugar and carbs can be so addictive, and is precisely why we are focused on reducing glycemic variability (or the amount a meal spikes your blood sugar levels) at Bespoke, particularly when it comes to our Detox meals, which are paleo. It’s not because these foods are bad, we’re just trying to recalibrate our blood sugar levels, so we can have more sustained energy levels throughout the day and control over what we eat.

      Ever notice that when you let bread sit in your mouth it gets sweet? If not, try this next time you eat bread. This is because your body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose (sugar). But...when we eat carbohydrates with protein, fiber and fat it reduces the glycemic variability of the meal. 

      At Bespoke, we are committed to delivering low glycemic dishes that will improve your energy levels and give you more control over your food choices, while keeping you nourished and satisfied. We do this by using whole foods, and complementing any grains with quality protein and healthy fats. All our dishes are 100% refined grain and sugar free. Our programs (especially the Reset Cures) are the perfect antidote to holidays, indulgent weekends or other times you feel your energy levels or cravings slipping out of your control.

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